for variable ensemble
by Sven Hermann [1999-2001]

ILI consists of 17 solo pieces [the musical content of the complete cycle is contained in every solo], which can also be combined ad libitum from chamber music up to the complete ensemble [-> varialbe ensemble].
In addition, there is a "compressed" version for Interzone perceptible. If compostitions from ILI are performed simultaneously with ILI XVI [performance], the performer [unconsciously] takes over the role of an "imprecise" conductor.


Sven wrote about his piece: and horror...vibrations out of focus...a sugar-coated cream gateau with maggots inside...overripe...vanity...vagueness...fuzzy composition...determined at random...material fields [diverse choice from the same source [accordion part]]...individuality of the indiviual = something personal/private made public/general...Marilyn Manson [cliché as cliché can] --> niceties turned into ugliness --> constructuve destruction, evoking emotions: present pain, hate, madness...unreal tonality.
The character of the composition should come close to pain and resignation. A very personal introspection of each player is inevitable, but without trying to take over the stage as a soloist.

ILI exists in the following versions:

ILI I [accordion] [1999]
ILI II [soprano] [1999]
ILI III [violoncello] [1999]
ILI IV [bassclarinet] [1999]
ILI V [dobule bass] [1999]
ILI VI [percussion] [1999]
ILI VII [harp] [1999]
ILI VIII [French horn] [1999]
ILI IX [piano] [1999]
ILI X [viola] [1999]
ILI XI [violin] [1999]
ILI XII [alto-flute] [1999]
ILI XIII [viola da gamba] [1999-2000]
ILI XIV [countertenor] [1999]
ILI XV [electric bass] [2001]
ILI XVI [performance] [2001]
ILI XVII [electronic music by Matthias Hettmer] [2001]

ILI [compressed] [version for Interzone perceptible] [2001]

first performed:
ILI I: Essen / Germany Marktkirche as part of Marathonkonzert V (MUSIC PARADISE), june 26th 1999
ILI XV: VHS Essen / Germany, march 31st 2001
ILI [komprimiert]: Haggerty Musuem of Art, Milwaukee/USA, april 4th 2001
ILI I, III-XIII, XV-XVII simultan: Folkwang Hochschule Essen / Germany, may 18th 2001