- de estrellas y tibio horizonte -


by Alvaro Carlevaro [2000]



commissioned by City of Bühl/Baden, Germany

initiated by InterZone Perceptible 


duration: 11'00


[first performed in Bühl/Baden / Germany within the scope of "Schroffe Kanten", nov. 25th 2000]

Alvaro (*1957 in Montevideo) originates from Uruguay, the land of the tango. In his oeuvre this dance is immanent, sometimes obviously, sometimes covert. In music the state of "Tembleque" [Spanish: flicker] is a static sound, animated through an internal rhythmic movement. Alvaro compares this sound effect with the flickering of the horizon on hot days, or the stars' guttering on the night sky. " - de estrellas y tibio horizonte - " [Spanish: of the stars and the warm horizon]. A vibe of eternalness permeates throughout the music. As a contrast, he clearly delineated events for both instruments, the complementary apparition of which seems to evoke the aura of a transcended tango.


[translated by Sven, supported by Jeff Kowalkowski]