(kaleidoscopic air-silver)

spirits to accordion, electric bass and elektroAcoustic effects

by Hans-Joachim Hespos [2001]



commissioned by the city of Bühl/Baden (Germany) for IzP


duration: 20'00-70'00



[first performed: Bühl/Baden / Germany within the scope of the festival kopfHörer/experimentelle musik elektrovisuell, july 5th 2002]

Creating atstonishment is what  appears to interest Hans-Joachim (*1938) He constantly oblitrates the ordinary, creating the unexpected. In his role as composer he views himself as instigator making the impossible possible.


[translated by Gordon Stephan and Michael Rook]


He wrote about his piece:


potential fields, triggers of phenomena - a sensitive cooperation of non-context occurs - electro-chaotic chances and continua of permanent changes, precarious fumbling, hazardous continuation. electronic modifiers dynamically operate without end - autonomously process-rich - as an instable, multiple changer/transmitter.

[moments, fields, and strings of: metallicShining, splinterRugged, creakySpiny, splatbuzzedApart, flatulenceBlack, belchBlunt, burstBang, lightStrike, whiteWide cauterizations, shredSpeculum, . . .] - the NON-piece vacillates unforeseeably in this way between differentiated kaleidoscopic processes: hard-cut, nervous successions of changes on the one hand, and chanceFreezings on the other, all the time unsuspectedly traversed by fragments of these "standstill tenacities," these figures "repeated on the spot."


[translated by eric flesher]