The End of the World (Verdens Undergang)


[silent film, August Blom (1916)]


live-music: devitalized [2008] by IzP



(first performed: nov 05th 2008, Essen / Germany)




One might assume that a film from 1916, whose action centers on a meteor impact, would seem a bit antiquated from today‚Äôs perspective. Nevertheless, the restrained narrative of this film, coupled with its authentic pictures of the catastrophe, is just as unsettling today as it was nearly a hundred years ago. 




The approaching meteorite hangs over the scenery like a sword of Damocles. When is the catastrophe going to happen? Conceived musically, the devitalized composition is the sword: when will it strike? As a result, the music could take the role of a countdown; however, that role would be too vital!


Music for electrified accordion, electric bass, live-electronics, additional recordings, keyboards, amplified gong, screams, death-growls.



[translated by Eric Flesher / USA]


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