[sound installation (2006) by IP]


commissioned by Mozartfestival Augsburg / Germany


[first performed: march 16th 2006, Mozartfestival Augsburg / Germany]


A vintage baroque performance space with red velvet on the walls … an original
Mozartkugel, optimally staged … positioned on a small, golden throne … glittering majestically in a beam of light … those entering the room admire its elegance and cannot turn their eyes away from its trademark … the little label with the face of Wolfgang … he smiles, and one can almost hear it. Wait: one can actually hear it, but it is not so much a smile as it is a giggle, a mouse-like giggle. No: a crazed mouse-like giggle. 


By way of anecdote we perhaps should mention that, as raw material for this
installation, we needed three hours of canned laughter. We recorded this ourselves, and after three hours of continuous laughing, we were deeply depressed for the rest of the day.


[translated by Eric Flesher]